Dishes and Wishes

Recipes and Culinary Commentary

Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

Dishes and Wishes will capture my dishes and those I dream of one day making. My cuisine is international, low-fat, and usually plant-based. A former vegetarian, I’ve come to embrace charcuterie. But that was easy. (Unless it was moldy beef jerky, charcuterie gone very wrong, in which case…) Cooking meat is something different altogether, and at times it vexes me, but every recipe published here will be foolproof for fellow recovering vegetarians or kitchen neophytes. I studied comparative politics, a subject that also describes my approach in the kitchen. Though the mention of “fusion” sends me reeling for many reasons, my spice cabinet reflects my passion for far-flung flavors. Comfort me not with apples but Bombay street food, Turkish mezze, and Georgian kidney beans.

Lucky for you, I’m stationed in the culinary hinterlands, without access to any ethnic marts (save for Portuguese), so the ingredients I use are mostly sourced from a handful of supermarkets. I do love my ingredients, so sometimes only low blood-sugar comes between me and sourcing ingredients. But hey, love makes you do strange things, and for me that might mean three supermarkets in one trip. There are certainly worse things you might do for love.

I had a damn good sandwich at Coppola's Deli in Richmond, VA, but I let my brother have half out of love.


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